Frequently Asked Questions


From our ingredients to where you can find us, we love to answer your questions about 3 MUSKETEERS.


  1. Q:

    Where are your products made?


    Please use the Contact us form or call 1-800-551-0698 for help in determining where a particular 3 MUSKETEERS product is manufactured.

  2. Q:

    Does 3 MUSKETEERS use ingredients with GMOs?


    We are committed to being transparent with our consumers so you can understand what’s in the products you love. Please visit for more information.

  3. Q:

    How long will my product stay fresh?


    While we quote a shelf life of 52 weeks for all our treats and snack products to consumers, the actual shelf life can vary.

  4. Q:

    Where can I find the ingredient information for 3 MUSKETEERS products?


    You can find more information on our product pages. Any ingredient added as part of the recipe, whether it is a source of allergen or not, will appear in the ingredient declaration or listing on the packaging. This ingredients declaration provides the latest and most accurate information.